Friday, September 21, 2012

Phillip Light: Product Week 1 Sketches

My concept is a kid's cell phone for the year 2022 under the Disney brand. Our society is growing with technology at the forefront. I've seen kids as young as ages 6 and 7 using cell phones and even kids as young as 3 using advanced learning video games. Moving towards the year 2022 I'm sure that this will only continue.
Why not embrace this and give kids a child friendly cell phone that parents feel safe letting them use. Not only would it allow the parents to feel that their child is safe out of their site, but it will give kids the opportunity to learn about how to use technology at a young age.

Here are some of my concept sketches. All my my designs and sketches revolve around a child friendly model. Bright and fun colors, with that Disney look to it. Some styled after actual characters. Each phone will have a tracking device inside the phone so the parents will always be aware of where the child is should something happen. There are also parental control settings. 

Modeled after the iPhone. This phone as simple apps (contacts, settings, maybe a camera, a games app for a few games, and a calculator), nothing too distracting, large buttons for easy use, a hard plastic outer shell making the phone very durable, and a fun character scheme.

Flip phone style phones

 Phones styled to fit the grip of the hand, and other styles

 Disney Princess themed phones

My crazy out there futuristic idea. An arm band with a screen on it that projects a hologram screen of the phone dashboard. The hologram phone pad is touch sensitive and can also be voice activated.

Some phone silhouettes

Inspiration Pages

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  1. this is a good challenge you have picked for yourself. I think because a lot of this stuff exists already, a next generation disney phone is very cool. your sketches analysis of the forms, for the market are appropriate. I feel they are a bit conventional, I am really liking your page 8 of advanced concepts. I think this is the direction to go in! its retaining the Disney ideal for kids but pushing the technology.