Friday, September 21, 2012

Peter (Do Hyung ) Kim's 2022 Communication Device Sketch

This is a communicative device used for checking your body for injuries after a car accident.  There are times where you fee alright after a car crash and have horrible whiplash the next day.  With this device you are able to detect the injured areas of your body by letting this device scan your body. 

These sketches vary from either mounting on a platform or being hand held. 

I chose Lamborghini as my brand, because they probably have the craziest car designers in the industry.  Their design is mostly based on subtle straight lines that creates dynamic shapes.  I tried to mimic this design as much as possible.  Staying away from simple shapes such as squares/rectangles and triangles.

1 comment:

  1. Peter,

    cool concept and one that is probably in development in the military! I think your analysis of the forms is working well and I like your breakdown of the existing form language. My main comment is that, as a product that may have to interact with the human body, hands, etc, its very pointy and dangerous looking. I know its based on Lambo, but it may have to get toned down a bit. So far my favorites are pg6, sketches #1 and 3. As those have a more user friendly design.