Friday, December 14, 2012

Alex Erhart - Enviro (doesnt feel finished)

Based on Virus "Dead Cities of Syria"


David Ko Environment Painting

Andrew Charlton Enviroments


Enrique Plazola - Environment - Incomplete

my photoshop is acting up. trying to photobash.


Jason Hsin Wk 14

Taylor Jansen Final

Well here I am


 iono what i was doing but it was fun experimenting 

Gerland final enviro

Week 14: Allison Perry

Phillip Light - Environment Final

Peter Kim Environment 2

Did another environment listening to
Brahms Symphony #3 movement 3

Michelle Bos

Gina Chang

(why is digital so hard....)
the second piece was done by marker, and I think the second one expresses the feeling much well than my PS painting... but I wanted to practice my digital painting so I still done my final with PS....  :(

Friday, December 7, 2012



Michelle Bos: Not Final

Jason Environment WIP

Alexander Erhart - Enviro

Based on "Dead Cities of Syria" by Virus

David Ko Environment almost finished

Andrew Charlton Enviro. Semi_Final

Phillip Light - Environment SemiFinal

Amy Chen Week 13

Trying for a more graphical style.


Gerland- enviro midstage