Friday, September 21, 2012

Week 1- Finnian MacManus

My brand is Oakley, and my product is an information terminal. The terminal consists of two parts- the control panel and the terminal hub (or pod, chair). The idea is based upon Wikipedia-
A user approaches the panel and decides what information they want to download. The 'globe' on the panel indicates how much knowledge is available on each subject. Once the user has selected, he/she sits down in the hub or chair and connects to Oakley's server. The chair uploads the user's consciousness, all of their memories and experiences, and the server analyzes what facts to take from the user's mind. Once the correct knowledge has been uploaded, the server organizes and stores it, and syncs worldwide, as the content is now available with every other information hub.
The user proceeds to download the information that he/she programmed into the control panel. Instead of the information downloading into the mind of the user, the user experiences the information firsthand inside of the chair, in the form of a 3D visualization, as if they are being taught by a teacher.

Oakleys products are innovative, classy, and impressive. Not many of their products are bulky, most follow a sleek and wavy form. They don't worry about how much money to spend on each product, which means that most forms would be acceptable for this project.

The first 3 pages are inspiration. The next 11 are form studies, and figuring out how large I want the panel and hub to be, if I want it to be a pod, a lounge chair, how it connects with the human body.
The last 7 pages are the final designs for the control panel and hub.

One thing about the scans- In reality I have alot of cut lines defining the form, especially in the last final pages. Unfortunately, no matter how I changed the levels or contrast in Photoshop, the cut lines did not come through.

Taylor Jansen - Week 1

Amy Chen - Week 1