Friday, September 21, 2012

Jason Hsin DP1 HW1

Hi Raj, I apologize for my lack of completion for this assignment due to my full time job this week. I take responsibility for not better planning this out ahead of time given my schedule. I will continue to do sketches during the weekend to make up for it, and will take the hit on my grade if necessary. I will definitely plan ahead better for the second part of this assignment.

Here goes.

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  1. Jason

    busted! its ok, we can call it even, as I missed class. Once the schedule is back to normal thoough, you know the drill.

    overall you are right on track. Very cool concept, and I think that your entire page 2 is working well. Page 4, row 3, sketch 1 is greqat as well. keep goin. the accelerating lines you are focussing on are gorgeous in my opinion.