Friday, October 26, 2012

Peter Kim's Project 2 pt. 2 (wk 7)

The United States assigned the Delta Force on a new classified mission in Israel (on their sacred ground) after a bombing occurred (done by an unknown terrorist group) that has killed several U.S. and Israeli civilians, members of the Ministry of Defense, and the Deputy Chief of the Israeli General Staff Aluf Yair Naveh.    On a 3 day scout mission, 3 out of 6 Delta members were killed when their covers were blown.  And the younger brother Rob was split from the group with no communication.  At the same time, due to the delicacy of the nuclear warfare around this topic, the United Nation has ordered the United States to immediately call off the mission or rid of any evidence of this mission.   The older brother Nick and his squad leader John were now declared as a terrorist to the nation and is now on a rescue mission to survive. 

Design Process
Because John and Nick are both limited to supplies, they are now finding whatever they can scavenge in the terrorist territory to make it out alive and rescue the younger brother Rob.  His whereabouts are unknown still.   
Their clothes would be tattered, their equipment would be worn out.  Instead of using the limited supplies of M4 and 416s, they have scavenged AK-47s from the dead bodies and equipped themselves with terrorist gear.

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