Friday, October 12, 2012

Peter Kim's Final Renderings

Here is the final rendering and sketches of my driving guide communication device made by Lamborghini.
Where in the future the driving guides are mandatory equipment that everyone must wear such as seat belts.
These device reads your movements and decisions that the driver makes and is able to prevent accidents or tragedies from happening.

Here are the different views

How it applies while one is driving.
When another driver decides to merge in with out checking the blind spot, it can result in a horrible accident.
These guides will read the SUV driver's movements and send a signal out to the Lambo driver in the blind spot before it actually happens.  This will allow drivers to react much faster; preventing accidents.

Because the brain is so complicated, it requires the device to read all different parts of the brain.  The earpiece is fitted with a brain-wave signaling chip that's able to do this.

Since you (Raj) liked the big wavy shapes with smaller sharp shapes that Lambos have, I decided to explore a little more.
From week 2

My references.

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