Friday, November 23, 2012

Peter Kim's Vehicle Design Final

RAJ Please dont forget the Orientalist painting book next week!

Still having a hard time trying to render this material...

The concept is that the wheels are made up of rubbery glass vacuum.  New technology that came along with the bendable screen.  This glass is incredibly durable almost like carbon fiber, and super light weight and it has a flexibility of rubber and is able to withstand great amount of friction and heat. The 4 injection system on the outside of the wheels inject active electrons into the vacuum and with the magnetic electricity current running through the vacuum it causes the electrons to loop around the tire enabling the vehicle to move.   (It gives off orange glow because of neon molecules that are being heated in a vacuum. other molecules can be injected to create different colors)

The race track is lined with negative ions to create traction for the vehicles.

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